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Tags illustration, collage, editorial, studio-prj, patterns, 2019, 2020

These is random stuff, bits and pieces, things for friends, jokes, scraps, half-baked ideas, killed stuff, etc., that will no longer keep gathering up dust in our hard drives.

john baldessari homage
Geometric Comp 1
Booklet cover
Stickers Comp 1
Stick series 3
Fall illustration 1
Fall illustration 2
vs. 1
vs. 2
Full Circle
Concerning the Blueness of Cheese slideshow
Queen of Symmetry
Receding Forward Poster poster
High on Sofia poster
Fish Draws poster
Rocks with eyes 2 illustration
Dribbble Invites
Just a little light 1 pattern
tiger logo 1
Rocks with eyes 1b illustration
Rocks with eyes 1a illustration
Tiger logo 2
Stella Milano record cover illustration
Just a little light 2 pattern
Washington DC mural
Istanbul tile patterns