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These is random stuff, bits and pieces, things for friends, jokes, scraps, half-baked ideas, killed stuff, etc., that will no longer keep gathering up dust in our hard drives.

john baldessari homage
Sofia's 25th birthday
Geometric Comp 1
Booklet cover
Stickers Comp 1
Stick series 3
Modular Sofia
Split Fountain Sofia
José Mário Branco
International Women's Day - Corita Kent
International Women's Day - Rosa Ramalho
International Women's Day - Muriel Cooper
Frente de Libertação dos Papos Poster
Fall illustration 1
RS Absurdo Clifford Geertz Poster
Henry's Honey logo
Henry's Honey logo
Henry's Honey logo
Henry's Honey logo
The Grind logo
Pica Paus Crest
Woodworkers logo explorations
Pica Paus brand exploration
rsda logo
ST tiger logo
Rad Oranges logo
Combo Night
RS Absurdo Kierkegaard Poster
RS Absurdo Albert Camus Poster
RS Absurdo Clifford Geertz Poster
Lisbon Housing Crisis Poster
It's Alright, Ma - Bob Dylan
Luis + Rafael Birthday party poster
Rocks with Eyes Family
Fall illustration 2
Wimbledon Poster
World Environment Day poster
Concerning the Blueness of Cheese slideshow
Receding Forward Poster poster
Rocks with eyes 2 illustration
Just a little light 1 pattern
tiger logo 1
Rocks with eyes 1b illustration
Rocks with eyes 1a illustration
Tiger logo 2
Stella Milano record cover illustration
Just a little light 2 pattern
Washington DC mural
Istanbul tile patterns