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Google News Initiative — Shifts in Media Consumption

❒ illustration, print
↳ 2018
↳ client: Google News Initiative
↳ research: Marketcolor
↳ project management: Theo Casey

We worked with Marketcolor to illustrate two pieces in a Financial Times Paid Post produced in collaboration with Google about the Digital News Innovation Fund.

This piece was a timeline chronicling major landmarks in communications, media consumption and journalism in the last 20 years.

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Media Timeline: Blogger is launched on the web illustration

↑ «23 August, 1999: Blogger is launched on the web»

Media Timeline: Broadband launches in the UK illustration

↑ «2000: Broadband launches in the UK»

Media Timeline: 3G, 4G and 5G launch illustrations

↑ «2002: 3G lauches in the US» ↑ «2009: 4G launches in Europe» ↑ «2020: 5G due to be live in most of the world»

Media Timeline: WAP is launched illustration

↑ «2003: WAP internet is launched in Europe»

Media Timeline: Wordpress is launched illustration

↑ «2003: Wordpress is launched»

Media Timeline: The term responsive design is coined by Eathan Marcotte illustration

↑ «25 May, 2010: The term responsive design is coined by Eathan Marcotte»

Media Timeline: CNN launches its Youtube channel illustration

↑ «2005: CNN launches its Youtube channel»

Media Timeline: Twitter is launched illustration

↑ «31 March, 2006: Twitter is launched»

Media Timeline: Twitter hits 100M active users illustration

↑ «8 September, 2011: Twitter hits 100M active users»

Media Timeline: Cord-cutting trend starts illustration

↑ «2010: Cord-cutting trend starts due to popularity of streaming services»

Media Timeline: Cord-cutting has a jump of 32% illustration

↑ «24 June, 2018: Cord-cutting has a jump of 32%»

Media Timeline: Facebook acquires Oculus Rift illustration

↑ «25 March, 2014: Facebook acquires Oculus Rift, virtual reality goes mainstream»