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Ricardo Santos

Graphic design. Illustration. Kindness.
Lisbon → World.

Graphic design. Illustration. Kindness.
Lisbon → World.

Estrella Damm's Rota de Tapas 2018

❒ illustration, typography
↳ 2018
↳ client: Estrella Damm
↳ creative direction: The Shop

Estrella Damm is a lager beer brewed by the Damm brewery in Barcelona since 1876. Twice a year, Estrella Damm partners up with restaurants across Portugal and organizes Rota de Tapas, an event where every restaurant has small 3€ menus of one tapa + one Estrella Damm beer.

We were commissioned to create the illustrations that were the basis of the visual identity of the 2018 Spring event and were used on posters, online and on a variety of printed collateral.

Rota de Tapas 2018: tabletop
Rota de Tapas 2018: couple
Rota de Tapas 2018: toast
Rota de Tapas 2018: sunset party
Rota de Tapas 2018: beer

↓ Killed illustrations and typographic treatments.

Rota de Tapas 2018: window
Rota de Tapas 2018: dinner
Rota de Tapas 2018: killed lettering