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Ricardo Santos

Graphic design. Illustration. Kindness.
Lisbon → World.

Graphic design. Illustration. Kindness.
Lisbon → World.

Bits & Pieces

Tags illustration, patterns, 2019
Client studio projects

These are bits and pieces, scraps, random stuff, half ideas, killed ideas that have gathered up in our hard drives for the past few monts.

Modular Sofia poster
john baldessari homage
Fall illustration 1
Fall illustration 2
Full Circle
Concerning the Blueness of Cheese slideshow
Queen of Symmetry
Receding Forward Poster poster
High on Sofia poster
Fish Draws poster
Rocks with eyes 2 illustration
Dribbble Invites
Just a little light 1 pattern
tiger logo 1
Rocks with eyes 1b illustration
Rocks with eyes 1a illustration
Tiger logo 2
Stella Milano record cover illustration
Just a little light 2 pattern
Washington DC mural
Istanbul tile patterns