Office of
Ricardo Santos

Graphic design. Illustration. Kindness.
Lisbon → World.

Graphic design. Illustration. Kindness.
Lisbon → World.


Office of Ricardo Santos is the independent graphic design and illustration studio of (yes, you guessed it) Ricardo Santos. We work in print and digital and our practice ranges from branding projects to editorial, typography, web design, motion and writing and research. We work with clients big and small on every time zone. You can reach us here 24/7 for any inquiries, love letters, hate mail, collabs or insomnia-driven late night chatter. Let’s make cool things together!

Selected clients
Google, Shyp, Estrella Damm, Shifter, New Statesman, Boie

Portrait of Ricardo Santos



100% Sardinha
→ Festas de Lisboa, Lisboa, 2019

A La Muerte
→ Mexico Design Museum, Mexico City, 2017

Ciudad Ligera
→ Madrid Gráfica, Madrid, 2017

Palavra de Sardinha
→ Festas de Lisboa, Lisboa, 2016




+500 Sardinhas 2014-2017
→ INCM, Lisbon, 2018