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Graphic design. Illustration. Kindness.
Lisbon → World.

Graphic design. Illustration. Kindness.
Lisbon → World.

International Women's Day 2019

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For 2019's International Women's Day we made three posters honoring women whose life, work and place in history have been consistently underrated. These are women who we greatly admire and whose contributions to humanity have often been recognized too little, too late.

This is our humble tribute to them and to all women across the world who, to this day, struggle with double standards in most aspects of life.

To learn more about Corita Kent, visit To learn more about Muriel Cooper, visit her AIGA Medalist page. To learn more about Rosa Ramalho, visit her Wikipedia page or, in Portuguese, this transcript of a Público article.

photo credits
Corita Kent:
Muriel Cooper: Marie Cosindas
Rosa Ramalho: Museu de Olaria de Barcelos

Corita Kent poster. International Women's Day
Muriel Cooper poster. International Women's Day
Rosa Ramalho poster. International Women's Day