Ricardo Santos is a graphic designer working from Lisbon. He is currently available for work.

Selected entry for the 2016 edition of Palavra de Sardinha, a yearly illustration open call held by Lisbon’s City Council.

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A Midsummer Night's Dream Sardine Illustration

A Midsummer Night's Dream
The sardine depicts scenes from a classic Lisbon June evening.


The exhibition is curated and designed by Silvadesigners, a Lisbon-based design practice. It happens every year on the ocasion of the month-long June celebration of the city.

The sardines are printed in k-line and distributed in events and parties all across the city. Over the years, they have gradually worked themselves into Lisbon's urban landscape.

RS 2016 sardine on the streets
Palavra de Sardinha Illustration Exhibition. Lisbon, 2016.

The exhibition.
The Illustrations where exhibited at Núcleo Arqueológico dos Correeiros, in downtown Lisbon.