Ricardo Santos is a graphic designer working from Lisbon. He is currently available for work.

Contribution to Mexican Museum of Design's 2017 edition of «To Death with a Smile».

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A Slumber did my spirit steal

Jury selection

This submission revolves around A Slumber did my spirit steal, a Wordsworth poem from a series that talks about the death of a young lover, Lucy, who seemed eternal and untouchable by the «earthly years».

«A La Muerte con una Sonrisa» (To Death with a Smile) is an international poster competition organized by the Mexican Museum of Design «to promote the exercise of good design». The subject of the competition is death: «a personal consideration or approach, the meaning in your own culture, how we fear, celebrate or deal with it. It can be reflected in serious or playful way.»
The selected posters were exhibited at MUMEDI in Mexico City from October 2017 to March 2018.