Ricardo Santos is a graphic designer working from Lisbon. He is currently available for work.

Branding and editorial design for a winning campaign running for FCSH's Student Association direction.

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Lista L
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branding, editorial, print

Main mark
With typographic and visual calls to action. The crossed out box is an iconic symbol of electoral visual codes, being displayed in every campaign material next to party symbols and fits perfectly within the negative space of an uppercase L.


Lista L was a group of students running for the Students Association at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities on a progressive grass-roots platform. A high-speed, low budget project, we developed a system of modular marks that could be easily used and applied across different sections of the Association's work, as well as communicate some of the flagship ideas and proposals that the platform ran on.


Modular marks
The thematic marks also spell out the call to action «vota» below the L, combining it with specific icons and colors that represent different fundamental ideas, work sections and political proposals. The logos read «vote [for] health», «vote [for] culture», etc.


These flyers communicated the political program that the campaign ran on and outlined the programatic goals they would like to achieve if elected.

Each sectional flyer featured a small introductory text on the subject and a list of campaign promises to be carried out.