Ricardo Santos is a graphic designer working from Lisbon. He is currently available for work.

A running exploration of found images of all kinds.

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The Found Images Composition Series is an ever-running experiment of sourcing, laying out and just overall collaging imagery from a variety of sources. An exercise in image remaking, juxtaposition and the creation of meaning, it is done absolutely just for fun and therapeutically and for the learning journey. It is also meant to develop your skill to pseudo-intelectually make sense of the stuff you make in a late-capitalism academic kind of way where the joy of creation isn’t enough to justify your time and you have to make sense of it on a productiveness-oriented paradigm. ☺

Most of the images used in these series were made available online by a number of different entities from across the world under Creative Commons licences which has allowed me to source and repurpose a myriad of images of different types, ages, geographic origins and media, undoubtedly contributing to the richness and depth of the work. The merit belongs entirely to the original authors of the visual material and to the people and institutions that made it available and accessible to everyone. 

Found Images Composition 1
Found Images Composition 1
Found Images Composition 1
Found Images Composition 1