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December 05, 2018
office news, project

I created a tumblr to act as a repository of found typography, lettering, graphic design and other graphic arts, architecture, product design and overall cool stuff. Head out there!

Office of Ricardo Santos unveils new identity

November 17, 2018
office news, project

After discovering that our old monogram mark was an upside down version of an ancient german rune that has been co-opted by the neo-nazi movement, we knew we needed a new identity. If there's one thing we hate it's f***ing fascists. And how do you fight hate? With love, kindness, compassion. So: new mark, new identity, new site! Check it out here!

Death of a Soulmate selected for exhibition in Mexico Design Museum

December 12, 2017
office news, project

The poster Death of a Soulmate was selected for the exhibition A la Muerte con una Sonrisa at MUMEDI, the Mexican Design Museum in Mexico City. The poster is based on and inspired by a Wordsworth poem