Ricardo Santos is a graphic designer working from Lisbon. He is currently available for work.

32 posters with 32 artifacts from the 32 nations competing in the World Cup.

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Around the World Cup Header


Using the FIFA World Cup as an excuse to research, learn about and share cool little-known facts about the contesting countries, Around the World Cup is a 32 poster initiative by graphic designer Ricardo Santos with the help of countless kind and helpful internet strangers.

The initial idea was to present some sort of spherical artifact for each country — a wink to the football ball. The inevitable constraints of reality broadened that concept to round, cylindric or semicircular stuff — anything that mildly resembled a circle.

Ideas for each poster were sourced from the kind folks on that country’s sub-reddit, without whom this endeavor wouldn't have been possible. The texts are mostly adapted from Wikipedia and the images sourced from Wikicommons; thus, these posters are a testament to the power and vibrancy of the Creative Commons movement. A huge thanks is due to everyone, credited and anonymous, who somehow contributed to these posters.

The choice of each poster’s subject was entirely mine and based mostly on my own subjective interests and curiosity. There were instances in which I'd have liked to go another direction but insufficient information and/or visual material and time restraints prevented so.

Russia Poster
Saudi Arabia Poster
Egypt Poster
Uruguay Poster
Portugal Poster
Spain Poster
Morocco Poster
Iran Poster
France Poster
Australia Poster
Peru Poster
country Poster
Argentina Poster
Iceland Poster
Croatia Poster
Nigeria Poster
Brazil Poster
Switzerland Poster
Costa Rica Poster
Serbia Poster
Germany Poster
Mexico Poster
Sweden Poster
South Korea Poster
Belgium Poster
Panama Poster
Tunisia Poster
England Poster
Poland Poster
Senegal Poster
Colombia Poster
Japan Poster